Renew Service- Sundays at 6:30 pm

As our church has grown, some of us began to ask the question whether the Lord would have us start a second service. Most church growth experts say that when sanctuary is 75 percent full, a church should consider starting a new service to make the way for further growth in a new time slot. I am very hopeful that as our 10 AM service continues to grow that we will need space for new people to attend.
As we prayerfully considered the matter, we also thought this might be a wonderful time to experiment with new forms of worship that incorporate different elements. The service will have a more informal feel to it. Our hope is that as we diversify our approach we might reach new people whom we have yet to reach. Through the tireless labors of Richard and Sadie Pohl and John Hively, we have put together a wonderful worship team complete with two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer. My evening sermons will include power points and other visual elements.
We have begun to gather every Sunday night at 6:30 in Rebecca Hall for worship. We are calling the service “Renew.”
Those efforts are off to a strong start. Both weeks we had around 25 to 30 people in attendance. We are reaching some folks who work on Sunday morning. We met people who have yet to attend our church in the past, and we become reacquainted with others who were curious about the new worship format. Last week we saw 19 people attend at night who weren’t in attendance on Sunday morning. The energy in the room is very positive, and we sense that God is going to do something wonderful through those continued efforts.
Everyone is invited to come. Feel free to invite others who may be interested. I am preaching a second sermon that is different than the one I preach on Sunday morning, so nothing will be redundant with Sunday morning worship if someone would like to attend both. Anyone who would like to join us at either of our wonderful services is certainly welcome. Praise God for the new thing that He is doing among us.