May Our Worship Become a Way of Life!

The psalmist proclaims in Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” As a child, I remember singing this song as a call and response. The first group would stand and proclaim, “This is the day,” and then be seated. Group 2 would then stand and repeat, “This is the day,” and be seated. This would go back and forth as we sang the song and jumped up and down as it was our turn. Hopefully, some of you also remember this and know what I am talking about. As I reflect on the addition of movement, though, I realize that it was more than just a fun way to get children to learn and sing church music/scripture. It was also a way we used our bodies to engage in worship. We had to pay attention. We had to listen so we would know when it was our turn to stand and sing, and when it was our turn to sit quietly and listen. And then, we had to respond, and our response wasn’t just our voice, but our very bodies. What a great way for children to be taught to worship! What a great way for children to be taught to respond to the presence of God of in their lives. We have moments where we must sit and listen. We are called to open our ears and shut our mouths as we wait for the prompting of the Spirit . We most certainly have moments when we are called to respond, to stand and use our voice and our bodies to give witness to the presence of God in our lives.

As we continue our year of reflection on worship, we will look at worship in this way. February 5th will close our series on the Body of Christ, reminding us that worship is the basis for Christian community. February 12th and 19th we will look at worship as a way of life. Finally, February 26th, as we prepare for Lent and a season of prayer and reflection, we will look at one way Jesus taught us to worship in our days, the Lord’s Prayer. We believe in a God who entered our time and met us within our days. We believe in a God who, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is present with us each and every moment of our lives. How do we live into this truth as a people of God? How do we acknowledge the presence of the Lord in those places where we work, eat, sleep, and play? How do we make ourselves aware to the presence of God? How do we worship God as a way of life?

I look forward to continuing our journey of faith together as we gather each week to worship our God. I pray every week over our space that we may indeed experience God and grow in love as the Body of Christ as we gather. I pray each week for all those who enter the doors of God’s church that they may experience God’s love and grace as we worship together. Our choir prays before we walk through the threshold moving from the choir room into the sanctuary that the Spirit may move among us. I hope you will join us in our prayers, praying over our space, praying for those who will lead and participate in worship, and praying for all those who shall enter the doors of Main Street that we may all experience God and go forth open to the presence of God among us. May our worship become a way of life!