Church Work Day March 11th at 8 am

We plan to tackle the following projects during our Church Work Day. If you can bring anything to help with these projects, please contact Jeff Eberhart.

Pressure wash brick fence, doormats, and ramp cover
Wash windows

Lawn & Garden Care
Trim shrubs & trees all areas of church grounds
Cut tree with berries down in parking lot.
Remove palm bush
Sod area on corner of Main & 2nd St. and clean up area
Fix brick edging
Install hose caddy outside sanctuary (2nd St)
Plant shrubs in front of the hallway windows by Rebecca Hall.

Trim at top of Education Bldg.
Paint edge of front step area yellow for caution purpose

Miscellaneous Projects
Clean gutters
Remove fence poles area between Rebecca Hall and Historical Bldg.
Clean up concrete area outside kitchen and throw away plywood
Remove old outlets (ones w/ no power) in parking lot.
Repair rotting wood in corner by office stain glass window
Fix sinkhole in area by backdoor of Education building
Fix screen door by courtyard
Find and fix grease interceptor in courtyard
Fix gate under sanctuary by glass pass-through.
Secure bench so it won’t tip over in front of sanctuary (Main St)

Sanctuary Front Doors
Plane and seal
Install slide bolts top and bottom on two doors.

Items Needed:
Wheel Barrels
Shovels & Rakes
Trimmers and clippers
Pressure washer