Looking to learn more about Main Street United Methodist Church?  Below are some frequently asked questions to get you started.

What time is Worship:  We experience God as we worship every Sunday at 10:00 am

What is important to Main Street?

-Main Street exists to connect to the love and grace of God and to grow, strengthen, and challenge the faith of its members. 
-We believe in living out our command to love God and love our neighbor. 
-We want to reach out and meet needs within our community and be open to how God may further use our own unique gifts and passions.  
-Our goal is to experience God as we worship together, deepen our faith, and serve.

What can I expect to experience on a Sunday morning (and what do I wear?):

-Most of the time our Pastor presents a scripture-based sermon series of about six weeks that connects to our scripture, our music, our affirmation, and other acts of traditional worship.  
-We follow the traditional liturgical calendar.
-Our music is led by the sanctuary choir and most of our congregational music is taken from the hymnal.

-Come as you are! Dress at Main Street covers a wide spectrum from those in their Sunday best (we even have our own “Hat” Ladies), to those in more casual clothes including shorts and flip flops.  
-Main Street has a casual and laid back feel that matches that of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Come how you feel most comfortable!

Do you have childcare?

-A nursery is available for all children birth to 4 years of age. 
-We have paid nursery staff and volunteers, and offer pagers to parents during the service.  
-Every 2nd Sunday, we offer children age 5 through 3rd grade their own worship experience. Children may be picked up in the hallway outside of Rebecca Hall at the close of the service. 
-Everyone who works with children and youth at Main Street must undergo a Background check.

Is Main Street Accessible to people with disabilities?

-Yes! We have a wheelchair ramp on the side of the building that leads into the sanctuary.
-Please let us know if we can help you in any way! Feel free to call our office if you have any questions.

How can I meet people and get connected?

-Join us for coffee and Grammy’s Donuts every Sunday following the service in our Rebecca Hall, located near the sanctuary.This is a great time to meet others in the church!  
-Feel free to email Pastor Dawn if you are looking for other opportunities to get connected with Main Street.  
-We also have seasonal small groups throughout the year, but the best way, just come!