A Word from our Pastor

Many people live the Christian life like a rollercoaster.  Their walk with God may begin with a big whoosh, but eventually everything crawls to a stop.  They start out with a thrill and emotion, but they end up returning to their original state.  Many people see faith as something that breaks the monotony but leaves them back where they started.

Things grind to a halt because they haven’t really plugged into God’s grace.  Without the dynamism of grace nothing propels Christians forward.  People have to welcome Christ’s presence at the center of their being so that he might enliven them from the inside out.  Being a Christian involves welcoming a supernatural work of God in one’s life.  Christ’s grace is the engine that pulses people from within and drives Christians forward.  It changes people for the better and propels them into the world to make a qualitative difference in the lives of others.         

The Christian life is meant to be a progressive journey.  It shouldn’t leave us back where we started.  We should grow in maturity, faith, fruitfulness, and Christlikeness.  We should have an ever deepening experience of God’s grace and that translates to an ever broadening mission.

This isn’t something we can do in our own power or strength.  It’s not about us trying harder.  It’s not about pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps or knocking off our own rough edges.  We need to come to the end of ourselves so that we open ourselves up to what God can do in and through us by His grace.

The Christian life is more like surfing than rowing.  We aren’t straining at the oars by the strength of our own exertions; rather, we are riding the larger momentum of God’s waves of grace.  We are propelled forward because we are caught up in something that is bigger and more powerful than ourselves.

Rev. Chris Klingenfus