A Letter from Rev. Chris Klingenfus

Dear Main Street UMC church family,
I Corinthians 2:9 says no eye has seen and no ear has heard and no mind has ever conceived the glorious things that God has prepared for those who love Him.  That scripture strikes me as I consider our upcoming move to join you at Main Street UMC in early July mainly because we both are facing so many unknowns.  We don’t know each other yet.  Questions no doubt abound in the absence of information.  This passage gives us reason however to look towards an unnamed future with optimism and faith.
What a privilege it is for my wife Erin and I to have the opportunity to add a chapter to your church’s rich history.  We are eager to step into the larger flow of what God already has been doing in Bay St. Louis.  I pray the same Holy Spirit who has guided your church in the past will direct and empower us as we move forward together.
The Lord has been with my wife Erin and me throughout our ministry.  God was present when I served as a campus minister at Tulane University and University of New Orleans, and when we moved to start a new fellowship at Southern Miss.  The Lord’s hand was on us when I served as associate pastor at Main Street UMC in Hattiesburg.  God met us in Laurel over the past six years as I pastored Franklin UMC.  Everywhere we have been God has preceded us and has blessed and empowered our efforts, and I am confident the same grace will carry us forward in Bay St. Louis.
So let’s keep our eyes, ears, and minds open in anticipation of the glorious things that wait for us all in the future we are about to discover together.

In Christ,
Chris Klingenfus